Love, Loss, and What I Wore
By Eric Rezsnyak, City Newspaper (ROCHESTER, NY)
"DiCrasto was at home delivering a powerful story about a cancer survivor and a sweet vignette about an unconventional woman searching for the perfect wedding outfit."

Crimes of the Heart
By Eric Rezsnyak, City Newspaper (ROCHESTER, NY)
"DiCrasto absolutely stunned me with her performance as Meg, arguably the least sympathetic of the trio. Her Meg feels utterly believable for every second she is on stage. She brings a real humanizing element to her character that could be easy to overlook, but at the same doesn't soften any of Meg's rougher edges.

She especially nails it in one disarming scene she shares with Meg's jilted ex-boyfriend, Doc Porter. The scene is quiet, the acting understated, but the tension practically palpable as the two characters circle each other in a complicated ballet of longing, regret, and understanding."
The Wild Party: Love hangover
By Eric Rezsnyak, City Newspaper (ROCHESTER, NY)
"In the role of Queenie, DiCrasto is a fine actress.  As the emotionally complicated young woman, DiCrasto nailed every line and emoted competently - she's a beautiful woman with an even better voice."
Singing The Praises Of Gospel:
'One Voice' At American Music Theatre Is A Winner

By Jane Holahan, Lancaster New Era (LANCASTER, PA)
"’Power in the Blood’ with vocalist Marlo DiCrasto was especially dynamic and powerful."

'One Voice' Is One Fine Show
By Larry Alexander, Intelligencer Journal (LANCASTER, PA)
“…an electrifying rendition of "Power in the Blood."
Footloose Cuts Loose on Apple's Stage
By Jim Ruth, Sunday News (LANCASTER, PA)
Marlo DiCrasto (Ariel) is spot-on in her characterization.  DiCrasto convincingly justifies Ariel’s randy rebel actions with a longing for her father’s attention.”